Rosette Pre GradeFor the Pre School and Junior Student

Rosette Pre Grades - Jazz * Tap * Ballet * Hip Hop

Four individually choreographed presentation and performance syllabi for children from 4 years, designed to introduce children to dance, and the examination system, in a fun and imaginative way.

The music and movement encourages the very young dancer to use their imagination whilst at the same time helping to develop rhythm, co-ordination, and an enjoyment of dance.


Rosette Pre Grades One and Two in all disciplines are presentation classes with the Teacher / Demonstrator encouraged to participate with the children, either dancing or giving helpful guidance whilst building a confident and independent dancer.

Rosette Pre Grade Three is an examination without Teacher participation.

All this happens in a stimulating and fun environment, and parents and caregivers may be invited into the studio to watch the presentation of the Rosettes to each child.

The children proudly treasure the beautiful rosettes presented at the completion of their Presentation Class or Examination and, with the attractive colours of the Rosettes used to differentiate between the various disciplines and levels, a child could move between the disciplines without duplication of their rosettes.

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The NZAMD Medal Awards allow students to perform in front of a friendly audience in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere. Available for Junior though to Senior students.

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