Examinations are available in Grades One to Advanced Two, plus the Solo Performance Diploma.
For the preschool and younger dancer from 4 to 8 years refer to the Rosette Pre Grades.
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The NZAMD American Jazz is an exciting syllabus choreographed by Keith Clifton of the USA and is suitable for students from 7 years through to adults. The syllabus is designed with comprehensive warm ups, stretches, floor work, progressions from corners with turns, kicks and jumps and fun combinations. Dance examples are provided for all levels, or teachers may choreograph their own.


Music is available on CD or teachers may use their own choice updating to the latest tunes.

The NZAMD American Jazz syllabus is suitable for the once a week student, as well as the dancer who is aiming for a dance career, and there are many NZAMD trained jazz dancers performing in shows around the world. For more information about our American Jazz syllabus, view the video Introduction to American Jazz by Keith Clifton.


The video below shows the new American Jazz Combinations introduced in 2014:

The NZAMD Original Jazz syllabus is still available for those who may wish to use it alongside the American syllabus. Again versatility is allowed within this syllabus.


As the students progress they can choose to enter the Stretch Leap & Spin Junior & Senior Dancer’s Awards (see below). Scroll down to NZAMD SLS Montage video.

The NZAMD Medal Awards allow students to perform in front of a friendly audience in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere. Click here for more information about the NZAMD Medal Awards.

The Musical Theatre Award is a stage award for senior students with dance, drama and singing included, and from 2013 will be part of the NZAMD Medal Awards programme.


A Dancer’s Award for Jazz, Ballet, and Tap students, available for Junior and Senior levels.

Designed to develop flexibility (stretch), introduce the student to big jumps and leaps (leap), and improve turning technique (spin) through a fun and energized syllabus which teachers are finding to be an excellent addition to their class content.

This Award is more assessment than examination and at the end of the students’ performance the examiner presents them with an attractive Banner. Parents may view this presentation.

A Teacher's Response to the Stretch Leap & Spin Junior Syllabus:

"This syllabus has made a great difference to the students who have gone through this work. It has allowed them to concentrate on their flexibility in a fun and energetic way without feeling that they are having to learn anything difficult. It just seems to happen! And after a while they feel they have stretched their bodies to their maximum ability and enjoyed the process. I have found that it has made a tremendous difference—those who couldn’t get into the splits or have loose leg kicks can now do it more easily. The students tell me they like being able to put the lovely blue and gold banner on their walls, and they still enjoy doing the work as they know it will keep them flexible."