Hip HopHip Hop

Examinations are available from Hip Hop One through to Hip Hop Six plus the Solo Performance Diploma.

The NZAMD Hip Hop Syllabus is an energetic style of dance with versatile hip hop moves extending the students and giving an exciting progression up through the levels.


This syllabus was originally created by Gandalf Archer and Ginny Crocker.

As Hip Hop is constantly evolving, allowing teachers to incorporate the changing styles our NZAMD with teacher's own choreography Combos and Dances ensures it remains fresh, alive and exciting.

This syllabus is for students from 9 or 10 years.

Younger students may be introduced to Hip Hop through the Fun & Funky Rosette Pre Grade Hip Hop syllabus as detailed on the Rosette Pre Grade page.

The NZAMD Medal Awards allow students to perform in front of a friendly audience in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere. Click here for more information.