NZAMD Medal Awards

These entertaining awards are aimed at encouraging students to dance and, by allowing them to perform in front of a friendly audience of parents in a fun and non-judgmental atmosphere, develop confidence.

NZAMD Medal Awards are available for Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop & Contemporary and Musical Theatre.  They can usually be gained at three levels, Junior, Intermediate & Senior, with three categories at each level – Bronze, Silver & Gold. 

There is also now a Group Medal Award and this performance may use any discipline e.g. a Hip Hop crew.

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Some costuming or ‘dress up’ is encouraged, but is optional, and make up and accessories may be used with these all adding to the sense of fun and performance.  Go to our Syllabus page to download Medal Awards Candidate Entry Forms.

Students are presented with their medals by the examiner on the day of their performance.

Junior dancers begin with one dance, progressing to two dances of differing style and tempo in the Intermediate and Senior levels.

Musical Theatre Award

A stage award for more senior students. Dance, drama and singing are included, with students selecting and preparing two performances from any musicals of their choice. They are also required to give a very brief descriptive narration about their characters and the musical encouraging the student to communicate with the audience.

There is an option for the teacher and students to invite an audience to watch their performance.

It is graded on such skills as the choreography, costuming, presentation, technique, interpretation and stagecraft.

Students may also choose to use just one discipline throughout, or to show a mix such as jazz and tap.

This is a great way for students to broaden their talents and take a step towards professional entertainment.

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